100 Top Australian Blogger who are making passive income online

Blogging was considered a hobby once but it has evolved into a full-fledged profession now where bloggers are making their living from their blogs. If you are started a blog because you heard that you can earn money through it then you are not wrong. Blogging has emerged as one of the professions in which you can make a decent amount of money while sitting at your home. There are different types of blogs such as business blogs and hobby blogs and it is not difficult to make money from a blog. Nowadays, blogs are used by companies as an important part of their marketing strategy and thus there are many full-time jobs are also available for bloggers offering lucrative package.
Now that you have started a blog and are looking for the means to make money out of it. Here, we will answer different questions that will help you in understanding that your blog could be an active means to earn money. These questions must have lingered in the mind of every blogger who has just started its blog after witnessing the rising trend of adopting blogging as a career.

#1 How Much Money Do Top Bloggers Earn?

Professional bloggers make living by monetizing the content posted on the blog. With many aspiring to become a blogger, the question how much money do top bloggers earn runs through the mind of many. To say that many bloggers earn six figure income through their blog would not be wrong. Reports have indicated that by being regular and posting the content relevant to your audience, you can make a lot of money from the blog. The key to monetizing your blog lies in the fact that your audience likes the content you post. If you want to make money out of your blog key, standing out from the crowd is an important part of it. For differentiating yourself from the fellow bloggers, you need to understand your blog as well as the demand of the audience properly.

There are plenty of examples to prove that blogging as a profession is fruitful and you can make a living from your blog if you are serious towards it. Some of the means of making passive income through a blog are Google Ad sense, CPM ads, sponsorship, own products, affiliate selling, business coaching, sponsored posts and direct ads. If you are planning to become a blogger, we hope that these stats would help you in charting out some serious plans for your blog and make money out of it. Monetizing your blog is not really tough, you just need to post engaging content. If you haven’t started your blog yet, it is high time that you must put aside all the doubts you have regarding making blogging as your profession. For becoming a successful blogger who earns a considerable amount of money from his blog, you need to a have a well thought plan including the topic of your blog, blog’s platform, consistency and a well charted plan to monetize it.

#2 How Much Money One Can Earn From Google Ad Sense Through A Blog/Website

There one question that every blogger has thought about in his life at least once is the money you can make through Google ad sense on your blog. For those who are unaware of what Google ad sense is, here is a something in brief that you must know about it. Google Ad sense is an advertising program run by Google, the search engine giant. Bloggers usually earn by placing third-party ads on their blogs and if you have a good traffic on your blog, you can make a good amount of money by placing ads. Google ad sense is one of the most popular advertising programs and was launched by Google in 2003. One of the reasons why Google Ad sense has managed to achieve the position of a popular advertising program is the large number of advertisers and publishers. Moreover, since the program is run by Google, it is deemed as a safe and secured means of monetizing your blog. 
Now that you have understand the basic definition of Google Ad sense, you might want to know how it works. To place ads on your blog using Google Ad Sense, you need to register yourself on the Google Ad Sense portal. Google will provide a short code that you need to insert in your blog to display advertisements. The advertisements placed by Google on your blog are usually relevant and related to the topic of your blog. Now, once a user clicks on an ad displayed under the program on your blog, you will be paid for it. The ad sense program is based on revenue sharing and cost-per-click basis. Now, the real question arises that how much one can earn from Google Ad sense. The cost paid per click to you can be anywhere between $0.20 and $15 depending upon your blog’s niche and the number of visitors your blog has. The program is not very high paying but if you manage to get a lot of traffic, you can have some quality earnings from your blog. 

#3 How Much Can You Earn From Affiliate Marketing In 2019

There are different means of monetizing your blog such as CPM, Google Ad Sense, direct selling, sponsorship, sponsored content etc. However, one of the easiest and most successful means is Affiliate Marketing. For those who are unaware about what is affiliate marketing and it could be an efficient means to monetize your blog, here are the things you need to know. Affiliate marketing, simply saying, is the commission you earn for recommending the products of a third-party seller to your audience. In an affiliate marketing campaign, bloggers need to put a tracking code in their blog and whenever someone clicks on your special tracking link, he/she will be taken to the product page. The third-party seller who is selling the product will see that you referred someone to buy its product and you will be paid commission for it. It is really simple and does not involve any rocket science to grasp the basic concepts of affiliate marketing. Some of the advantages of Affiliate marketing are zero investment to join an affiliate program, convenience and abundance passive income. When compared to Google Ad sense, affiliate marketing is high paying and doesn’t require you to have a huge traffic on your blog. Google Ad sense does not provide you the option to display ads that are relevant to your blog whereas in affiliate marketing you have the complete freedom of recommending the products you think are useful and relevant to your audience.

Regarding the earnings from affiliate marketing in 2019, you can earn a decent income from it. You need to understand few crucial points before joining an affiliate program. First and foremost, you need to understand the program and its financial limitations. Secondly, have a thorough understanding of the market and the products that reader would actually click if you place ads for them on your blog. Lastly, promoting your products through emails must be an important part o your affiliate marketing campaign.

#4 How Much Money Can You Expect To Earn From Your Blog?

Every budding blogger wants to know the income he/she can expect from a blog. The answer to this question is really simple. Your earnings from a blog depends on the efforts you are ready to put in and the plan you are adopting to monetizing your blog. To say that you will earn a really hefty sum of money would be a bit unrealistic. However, realistically speaking there is no maximum cap on the money you can make from your blog. Most bloggers use Google Ad Sense and Affiliate marketing as the preferred means of generating income from their blogs. Some other techniques that you can adopt are promoting sponsored content, advertising products for third-party advertisers on your blog, promoting in-house services and earning from it and direct selling of products. 
A lot of your income depends on the consistency with which you are posting content on your blog. For example, a blog with 10,000 words initially can easily make a couple of dollars within the first weeks. If you are consistent and keep posting regularly on your blog, you can reach up to $100 mark within a span of six months. Once you have crossed the 50,000 words on your blog, the things become a bit easier. Now, since you have developed a regular audience who want to read the content you publish, monetizing the blog is somewhat easier. Blogs with content lying between 50,000 and 100,000 usually earn $500 monthly which is quite satisfactory if you manage to do it. Most blogs fails to deliver consistently and never reach the 100,000 mark. As a budding blogger, you need to outshine your competitors and present content before your audience that is relevant to them. To sum up it up in easy words, making money from a blog is a gradual process and you cannot expect to become rich overnight. There is no maximum limit of earning that you can make from your blog. With right set of monetizing plan and dedication, you can earn a handsome sum of money from it.